This is really my personal story of how I came to create this company based solely on fine merino wool. I had been in the fashion industry for years when about 15 years ago this little piece of magic appeared called merino wool made here in New Zealand.

Why do I call it magic?

All my Iife I have suffered terribly from skin allergies and couldn’t wear wool next to my skin. I became an avid knitter at 8 but couldn’t wear what I made. One minute next to my skin and it would feel as though ants were crawling all over me. 

I was told this new fine merino wool was different as it had non allergenic properties but I was such a sceptic. Like magic it opened a whole new world to me. 

Because it is so fine and natural and  chemical free (pure honest merino) I can wear wool at last! 

I wear  our merino wool for travel because it is so light, takes up just a wee bit of space in my handbag and is just so easy to care for.  ( see more under our Magic Merino tab)

At OBR Merino we walk the talk of sustainability. From the sheep grown in the high country fresh air to the fabric plant that is organically certified to cutting and hand making every item locally here in New Zealand.