WOOL BY GREEN COMFORT - Makalu Felt Slipper - Suede Sole

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Classic hand-felt wool slippers with EnergySoles™ and suede soles. Absolutely addictive comfort!

Handmade in Nepal, designed in Denmark.


Made from 100% pure Nepalese wool - wool is temperature regulating, self-purifying and odour-free. The wool is carefully felted in warm soapy water. This maintains the high contact of lanolin in the wool and ensures that the wool does not itch or scratch.

Made with Energysole™ technology - each item of footwear used materials that have the best shock absorption with a unique comfort. The material never loses it cushioning, and increases blood circulation in the feet and lower legs.

Forget about the socks - Use your WOOL by Green Comfort barefooted. This way you can really feel the comfort of the wool and at the same time the wool absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry.

Self-purifying - The high natural content of lanolin in the wool ensures a perfect impregnation against dirt, rain, wind and sun

No Blisters and discomfort - these shoes are felted with one large piece of felt. There is only one stitching in the whole shoe, and this is used for mounting the outsole (which lies deep in the wool). This means that you will not get blisters or feel discomfort when using a pair of WOOL by Green Comfort.

Comfort - the suede outsoles provide a soft and flexible sole for indoor use.  

Each pair is marked with an embroidery signature so you can see who has felt your new woolen shoes.

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