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NOOSA-Amsterdam was founded by Nathalie Mangnus and Alette Zeijlstra in Holland, who were inspired by the cultures and symbols they discovered in the course of their global travels. Those impressions were translated into fashion accessories and Chunks® : NOOSA. Because you can mix and match NOOSA products, they tell your personal story. Handmade, so every item is unique and made with respect for nature.

The name NOOSA was inspired by the place Noosa in Australia, which Nathalie and Alette both visited. They were so impressed by the interesting people, the magnificent national park, and the overall atmosphere in town that they decided Noosa would be the perfect name for their brand.

NOOSA-Amsterdam wants to contribute to a better and more equal world. We accomplish this by selling beautiful and meaningful fashion accessories. Our products are made from honest and natural materials. Unique are the Chunks® which allow you to personalize your bracelet, handbag or ring. Your bracelet, ring or other NOOSA product tells your story so you will get a unique item that suits your story and your personal style. All Chunks® have their own meaning which is based on symbols and traditions from various cultures. Chunks® are handmade by artists in Nepal, Peru and Indonesia.

Chunks® by NOOSA Amsterdam are Fair Trade produced, with respect for man and nature.

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