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How might fashion accessories look if we were only to use responsible raw materials and produce them in a fairtrade way? This question marked the start of our journey towards a better world in 2007.

Our first collection of bags and accessories under our – then – Goodforall label was an immediate hit. It motivated us to build further on creating iconic designs handcrafted from responsible leather by proud workers in India.

Since then we have evolved into MYOMY. A Dutch fashion house that designs, produces and trades with a conscious spirit. The MYOMY 2014 Collection embodies everything we stand for. Our products connect the world of fashion & design with the world around us. A world that we can make better together. Let’s do good!

Marja Baas – Founder

MYOMY in short
Founded in 2007, MYOMY, pronounced as “my-o-my”, is one of the most conscious fashion brands in Europe. Known for its expert in ecological tanning of fairly obtained leather and superior craftsmanship.. The MYOMY brand gives a rare timeless feel to its Dutch designed iconic bags.

MYOMY do goods

By choosing this MYOMY {my-o-my} bag you are not only the proud owner of an iconic Dutch Designproduct, you are also supporting the caring way in which this bag was produced. Since 2007 MYOMY has actively been engaged in producing leather fashion bags from fairly obtained leather. MYOMY seeks out to protect the quality of drinking water by actively limiting harmful chemicals in the tanning process of its leather. Leather that we procure comes from animals that had a good life with farming families. We trade fairly with local craftsman, to ensure that they build up better healthcare and education for their families. Therefore each MYOMY bag is a unique piece which makes us all proud. And a step towards a world in which we all are doing good.

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